will definitely need to work on my fundamental knowledge Bi’idhnilllah!


Imaam Ibn ‘Abdil-’Izz Al-Hanafee (d. 729H) said:

“Knowledge of the fundamentals of the religion is the most noble branch of knowledge, since the excellence of a certain type of knowledge depends on what it is concerned with…

…The need of the servants for this knowledge is greater than every other need; and it is the most necessary of all things for them, since there is no life for the hearts, nor any delight, nor any tranquility, except through knowing their Lord, the (only) One to be worshipped, their Creator – with His Names, His Attributes and His Actions, and that He – along with all that – is more beloved to the person than anything else…”

[Sharhul ‘Aqeedatit Tahaawiyyah, p. 69]

And included among the fundamentals of the deen is knowing Allaah through His Names and Attributes & knowing the correct ‘Aqeedah.

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Unending heartbreaks…

I was reading an article titled “Standing United against Terrorism & al-Qaeda” written by shiek Salman al-Ouda… it lead me to read on who is this shiek(knowing the person whom you are taking is an obligation)—only to found out that on September 1994 he was Imprisoned for anti-government activities for his strong opposition against the Alliance of the Saudi gov’t with the American forces and their presence within the kingdom. I wonder why changed of heart?

what worst is the follow up comment of these following people (Yaser Birjas, Yasir Qadhi, Tawfique Chowdhury, and Walid Basyouni) which from today I warned myself to carefully check the authenticity of their words from the qur’an and sunnah. I am not refuting any knowledgeable man here(audhubillah!) for I respect them for the knowledge they have on Deen but it is deeply mournful that they cannot speak in support for their brothers in faith who sacrificed their worldly life to raise the banner of LA ILAHA ILALLAH, all the while talking on how to save the non-muslim from the darkness of disbelieve to the light of Islam? is that our main objective? save the non-believers and neglect the believers? what about the words of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala taht says “O you who believe! Whoever from among you turns back from his religion (Islam), Allaah will bring a people whom He will love and they will love Him; humble towards the believers, stern towards the disbelievers, fighting in the way of Allaah, and never fear of the blame of the blamers”-[al-Maa’idah 5:54]
may Allah swt guide us and mostly those whom we take our knowledge from—our Imams, Da’is, Shieks and the scholars… Ameen.

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Ya Allah let us…

Ya Allah let us women realize how you raise our status in Islam. Made our heart contented on your decree and be obedient to you in all matter. made me and my sisters understand that when You ordained us to cover our “AURA” it is an apparent love and protection from you. ameen


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time don’t tick, its flying!

Setting on my room, hears nothing but the cars racing outside, and the noise from the air-condition.
trying to look back of what I became after more than 2 years of trying to suppress many emotions. I realize that I guess I became exactly what I wish to be… stronger? yes but its not about me being weak or strong but I guess because I live my life now not for myself alone, but for something bigger, some thing huge… something that I think my whole life is in preparation for this.

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book currently reading…

I’m familiar with the first chapter–> the four rightly guided caliphate…
looking forward for the other sahaabi, the followers of the companions, religious scholars, reformers and scientist.
i brought this book to have a brief glimpse of their rich lives, and be more familiar with the other heroes of Islam.
truly we Muslim need not to look up for fictitious heroes to be proud of, to look up, and have a role model for our Deen has honored our mothers to give birth to many heroes that are both known and unknown. alahmdulillah!

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